One of the things I’ve always tried to do, since the time I published my first book, was to answer reader emails.  I figure, if someone can buy my book, read it, and take the time to contact me, the least I can do is answer.  It’s worked out very well over the years, though the volume I get makes it difficult to keep up with sometimes.

That said, I wanted to make a quick note on here, that I am sure from time to time, an email slips by.  I just got back from a two week vacation, and while I answered what I could there, some things did pile up.  I think I tracked everyone down and responded, but it reminds me that undoubtedly, I do miss a few here and there.

So, I just wanted to say, if you send me an email, and I don’t answer, it is almost certainly because I was swamped, and your mail slipped down so far in my inbox, I lost track of it.  Almost always, I will have read it, but if I let too long go before I answer, I may not get back to it.  So, if you email me, and you don’t get an answer in 3-4 days, max, please resend.  Don’t take it personally.  It’s not the content of your email or anything about you.  Yours is just one of the ones that got by me.  It is always my intent to answer, even if you’re just emailing to tell me how much I suck (gotten a few of those, but I have to say, your messages have been 99.99% awesome and gratifying).

Also, I try to keep up on answering blog posts and Goodreads questions, but if you want to get directly to me as quickly as possible, email is the way to do it.

Back to writing now (Cauldron of Fire, Blood on the Stars 5, right now)…