Cauldron of Fire Released!

Cauldron of Fire, the fifth book of the Blood on the Stars series, is now available…and at a special intro price of $2.99.! Not only that, but I’ve got the rest of the series on sale too.

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Cauldron of Fire

A Deadly Fight to the Finish…

The warrior culture of the Alliance has fragmented, and comrade fights comrade, brother kills brother.  The Red Alliance forces, backed by the Union and its propaganda machine, have the advantage in numbers and position, and they are pushing forward, driving relentlessly toward the final attack, the one that will destroy their enemies.

The Gray Alliance forces are weaker, trapped in the great Sentinel-2 fortress where they’ve established their headquarters.  Their enemies have the larger fleets and armies, and control of the homeworld…but the Grays have Tyler Barron and Dauntless.

The Confederation’s celebrated captain and his famous ship have been reinforced, and the newly promoted Commodore Barron now commands a small fleet of battleships, every vessel Admiral Striker could spare to reinforce the faltering Gray forces.

One final battle is all that stands between the Red fleet and victory, and it seems the Grays have no choice but to stand on the defensive and wait for the fight they know they can’t win.  Unless they try something else, a wild gamble, a desperate plan to pull victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat.  It will take all Barron and his people can give, and put Dauntless and the ships of his task force to the test.  But it is the only way to win the victory, to prevent the Reds from a triumph that can lead only to a disastrous invasion of the Confederation, one that Barron knows he has to stop…whatever the cost.

Blood on the Stars

Book 1:  Duel in the Dark

Book 2:  Call to Arms

Book 3:  Ruins of Empire

Book 4:  Echoes of Glory

Book 5:  Cauldron of Fire

Book 6:  Dauntless (January 2018)