Storm of Vengeance Released!

Storm of Vengeance, the fifth and penultimate book of the Refugees series, is now available on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  This book was far too long in coming, and for those who have been waiting for it, I can promise you one thing…there will be no such wait for the finale.  Crusade of Vengeance will be out this summer and will wrap up the series.

For those who haven’t read the four previous books of this series, now is your chance to grab them all for just 99 cents each (US & UK Countdown Deals).  Refugees is a series set in the Crimson Worlds universe, but even if you haven’t read the original Crimson Worlds books, it makes a great standalone series, too.

Storm of Vengeance at Amazon

The Refugees Series at Amazon

Storm of Vengeance

Earth Two is a world beset by dangers, inside and out. It’s genetic groupings, the cloned “Tanks,” the “Natural Borns” and the hybrid “Mules” exist uneasily, each wary of the others, even as they rally to face the deadly threat of the First Imperium’s robot warriors.

President Max Harmon and his inner circle have played an elaborate game of chess for twelve years, a deadly battle of wits with the genocidal alien Intelligence known as the Regent.  They have moved fleets, spread deceptions, built decoy planets…all to hide Earth Two’s location, to protect it from the deadly onslaught of the enemy.

But sitting and waiting is a losing game.  The Regent’s resources are just too powerful, its technology too advanced.  It will find Earth Two eventually…and when it does, it will consign the planet to the apocalypse of antimatter devastation.  Harmon knows his people must do something…and when a scouting fleet sends back word that it has found the enemy’s antimatter production site, it seems almost too good to be true.

Harmon suspects it is all a trap designed to lure his fleet to its destruction.  But, more than one side can lay a trap, or turn one around, and the elimination of the Regent’s antimatter production will go a long way to evening the two sides, and setting the stage for a final showdown the humans can win.