My newest book published by Harper Voyager is out today.  Rebellion’s Fury is the follow up to last year’s Flames of Rebellion, and it brings the short series to a close.  I wanted to do something quick and satisfying in the shadows between my long and extended series, and these two books are it.

If you’ve read Flames of Rebellion, you know what Rebellion’s Fury is all about.  If you haven’t read the first book, here’s your chance to see my take on the rebellion of an early space colony.  If you’re interested in what a mash up of the American, Russian, and French revolutions might look like on a planet lightyears away from Earth, then you should check it out.

Flames of Rebellion (book one)

Rebellion’s Fury (book two)

Also, for those interested, I did an interview as part of the promotion for the book.  You can check it out here.