I just sent back the edits on Rebellion’s Fury, my follow up with Harper Voyager to Flames of Rebellion.  I tend to write fairly long series, but I took a break from that here.  The Rebellion series is just the two books, so the new book, out this April, will close out that story line.

The other project that is consuming my time now is the final editing and finishing touches on The Black Flag.  This final book in my Successors Trilogy is by far the latest of all my works, and I can’t believe how patient so many of you have been.  I’m sorry this one got pushed around on the schedule, but I can promise you it is done now, save some minor editorial finishes, and it will be released on Nov 20 on BN, Apple, and Kobo for all those who preordered, and then it will become Amazon exclusive on Dec 1, and go into Kindle Unlimited.  So, if you want to grab this one on one of the other retailers, buy it in the first week, or better yet, just preorder it now.

I hope this one lives up to the wait.

After The Black Flag, finishing Dauntless (Blood on the Stars 6) is next, for a possible late December release (could be January too).  Then, I’ll be getting back to Refugees for book 5 (followed fairly closely by book 6, the finale), more Blood on the Stars (big plot change coming in book 7), and then back to the Far Stars for two more prequels, follow ups to Blackhawk…The Wolf’s Claw and Astra.

Also, in 2018, I’ve got something new coming…more on that soon…