I’ve got a lot going on in 2018, and of course, planning out an entire year leaves a lot of room for changes, but here is what I’ve got in mind right now.

First, Blood on the Stars will continue, with book 6 out in January and book 7 sometime during the first half of the year.  I’m hoping to get at least book 8 out in 2018, and possible book 9.

I’m also going to get to releasing the long-awaited fifth book of the Crimson Worlds Refugees series.  Storm of Vengeance is a book I’ve been anxious to write for a long time.  I can’t promise, but I’m going to try to get the sixth and final Refugees book done by the end of the year.

I’ve agreed to write another Far Stars book for Harper Voyager.  The new book, still unnamed, will be set a couple years after the events of Funeral Games, and it will begin a whole new story line.  While the Voyager release will not be until 2019, I will be continuing the Far Stars Legends trilogy, with book two, The Wolf’s Claw, coming out in the first half of 2018.  That will be followed up by book three, Astra, either near the end of the year or early in 2019.

I’m also working on a brand new series, but I’m going to keep that a little close to the vest for now.  I’ll be doing an entire blog post introducing that, along with some cover reveals, so don’t forget to check out the blog.