Crimson Worlds Reminiscences

I've been using the moments when I just can't write anything new (and that mind can shut off like a switch after a certain number of words) to work on a long-overdue project.  The Crimson Worlds series was my first, and its lead novel, Marines, was my...

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So, What Am I Working on Now?

I get emails all the time asking when this book or that one will be coming out.  It's gratifying that so many readers are anxious for the next books, but I've always got a lot of projects going on, so rather than promise when this or that title will be out, I thought...

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Welcome to my new and improved blog!

Hello! First, thanks for checking out my new blog.  When I first started writing five years ago, I kept up my blog semi-regularly, but as time went by and the number of projects on my desk multiplied, I fell out of the habit.  The time between posts grew longer and...

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