Pendragon Chronicles

The Dragon’s Banner

Pendragon Chronicles Book 1

The empire that ruled the world is crumbling, and darkness is falling. Cities burn, armies pillage, and warlords struggle for domination. In the shadow of Rome’s fall, the land of Britannia is divided and bleeding.

Uther Pendragon is the son of a king and the grandson of an emperor. He and his allies will journey to the heart of the dying empire, lead great armies, and forge a fragile alliance, the last hope to preserve the fading light of civilization.

Amidst the ruins of Roman power and glory, the free peoples of Britannia make their last stand against the forces of darkness.

On blood-soaked battlefields and before towered fortresses under siege, Uther and his warriors wage the final war for the future of Britannia. But will victory come at too high a cost?

Before King Arthur, before the round table, before Camelot…there was Uther Pendragon, Britannia’s greatest warrior. This is his story.

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