The future. It holds all sorts of positive potential…technological advances, increased life expectancy, improvements in society. But there are negative possibilities too, and perhaps the worst of these is the arrival of an alien race…not just anyone, but a hostile one, intent on conquering humankind.

Hugh McDaniel lives in Queens, New York. He is a genius, and he has been struggling to pick one area to focus his life’s work on. His brother and best friend, Travis, is a Marine officer. They get along very well, despite the differences in their lives, but when the aliens suddenly invade and destroy their entire culture, they are forced to struggle in the ruins, at first just to survive, just to find basic food and medicine. But soon, they set their sights on more…on resistance, and on reclaiming their planet from the invaders.

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Book 9 of Blood on the Stars is now out!

Invasion is not only the next book in the series, it’s the longest one I’ve ever written.  I’m already working on the next one, Nightfall, and while I don’t have a release date yet, it shouldn’t be too long before I can announce it (and I’m trying to make that...

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