Greetings all.  I just wanted to give you all an update on my coming books.  I’ve released two this year, which is fine for many writers, but since I usually put out 5-6, it is definitely a slow pace for me.  I don’t like to talk much about personal issues, but this year, among other things, I have had to deal with a serious illness in the family, and that, plus some other things, has really thrown my schedule a series of punches.  On the bright side, things are starting to clear up, and I believe I will be able to return to my prior pace very soon.  Meanwhile, here is where I am, and what I am working on now.

The book I am writing now is the sixth and final entry in the Refugees series.  I was initially planning on releasing it in September, but because of the reasons listed above, I went a long time without writing a lot, and it has gotten delayed.  Additionally, it appears the book is going to be considerably longer than I had planned, perhaps 120k words or more (as opposed to the 90k I expected).  Right now, I am almost done with the main book, but I have some appendices to write, so I will probably be finished in mid-December.  The book probably could be released later this month, but more likely, I will put it out in January, hopefully fairly early (like the first or second week).  You will have waited a long time for it, but at least it will be substantially longer than you had expected.  I am truly sorry it has taken so long, and I hope you all enjoy it.

The next release will be book 18, the final entry into the Blood on the Stars series.  This book, which is started but not yet completed, is also likely to be fairly long.  I am only guessing that my production will return to normal for next year (and there is reason to believe this), and if that is the case, it will result in a delivery in early March (or maybe even late February).  This book, I believe, is going to be a good one, with many loose ends to tie up (and a few things none of you know).

After these two series wrap up, I will be starting two new (unrelated) series.  The first of these will out in June or July, and the second shortly thereafter.  I’ll be sending out an email with some new information on these, probably just after the 1st of the year, so for now I will just say that they are both completely new, and not related to any other books I’ve put out, or to each other.  I’m excited about both, and I will have some announcements to make shortly that I believe are very intriguing.

I am also planning a follow up series to Blood on the Stars, but I want to do some of these other books first.  So, if you’re anxious for BotS, it will come, but not immediately.  Perhaps late next year for the first book.

Lastly, I just want to say I really appreciate the support I’ve gotten from many of you.  I realize that a lot of you are anxious for these books, and I am trying to get them out as quickly as possible, both the two finishers as well as the new stories.  I know my production has been significant in the past years, and it has been for long enough that all of you have come to expect it…and I believe you will get it again next year.  For the meanwhile, thank you very much for your patience, and I hope you truly enjoy the books!