Echoes of Glory

Blood on the Stars IV

The Confederation and the Union have fought each other to a standstill. Battered, exhausted fleets eye each other warily across a border that has been a battlefield for three bloody years. Neither side has the strength to attack, and both wait for reinforcements that will allow them to resume the fight.

On the worlds of the Iron Belt, the heavily industrialized sector near the Confederation’s Core, massive shipyards operate around the clock, producing the great vessels that can end the war. The Union knows it cannot win the economic struggle with its wealthier, more productive enemy, and Sector Nine, its feared spy agency, is not idle. Their focus is not on the front lines, the ravaged border between the two nations, but far off, beyond the Rim, in the strange, militaristic realm know as the Alliance.

Sector Nine’s intrigues are targeted at nothing less than instigating a coup, and bringing to power a regime that favors war against the Confederation, a change in government that will bring the fresh fleets of the Alliance into the war, striking at the Confederation’s unguarded flank.

Once again, Captain Tyler Barron and his battleship Dauntless must go back to the Rim, and on to the Alliance itself to somehow thwart the Union’s plan…and prevent a two-front war the Confederation cannot win.


100 Reviews on Echoes of Glory…and Five Years Today!

Echoes of Glory just hit 100 reviews on Amazon, and it has a 4.8 star average there.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, not just for your response to this book or series, but to all of my books.  I know everyone is busy, and taking the time to leave...

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Answering Emails

One of the things I've always tried to do, since the time I published my first book, was to answer reader emails.  I figure, if someone can buy my book, read it, and take the time to contact me, the least I can do is answer.  It's worked out very well over the years,...

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Crimson Worlds Reminiscences

I've been using the moments when I just can't write anything new (and that mind can shut off like a switch after a certain number of words) to work on a long-overdue project.  The Crimson Worlds series was my first, and its lead novel, Marines, was my...

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So, What Am I Working on Now?

I get emails all the time asking when this book or that one will be coming out.  It's gratifying that so many readers are anxious for the next books, but I've always got a lot of projects going on, so rather than promise when this or that title will be out, I thought...

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Welcome to my new and improved blog!

Hello! First, thanks for checking out my new blog.  When I first started writing five years ago, I kept up my blog semi-regularly, but as time went by and the number of projects on my desk multiplied, I fell out of the habit.  The time between posts grew longer and...

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