Blood on the Stars 16

A battle is coming, the greatest the Rim has seen in ten thousand years, a fight for freedom, for the future, for the very survival of all humanity holds dear.

Tyler Barron and his comrades are ready for their greatest test, but even as they prepare to hold the line at Fortress Striker, to turn back the Highborn’s imminent attack, the enemy have opened another front, one far to the rear. Before Barron and his spacers can face their own ordeal, a ragtag force must hold another fortress, an older one that has seen many battles, but has long been neglected and allowed to fall into decay. If they fail, Barron and his vast fleet will face enemies to their front and to the rear…and any chance of victory will be lost.

Meanwhile, Andi Lafarge and her small crew scour the depths of the Badlands, searching for the secret weapon the empire used to defeat the Highborn three centuries before…and possibly the only real hope for victory in the current war.

The greatest struggle humanity has faced is nearing its climax. Warriors struggle and die, giant warships clash, worlds burn…but will the suffering lead to a new hope for humanity…or the endless dark age that has been feared since the fall of the empire?


How Stories are Born

This is a question that probably gets answered a hundred different ways, so let me start out by saying that I’m talking mostly about my own stories.  I’d wager a lot of other authors are similar, maybe most even, but I’d also bet many are different, too, and that’s...

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Have Series Taken Over Fiction?

Series to the left of me, series to the right.  Every book seems to be part of a series today.  Readers who prefer standalone novels are faced with endless series of books, from trilogies to seemingly never-ending sagas with 20, 30, or more volumes.  I’ve contributed...

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Nightfall, Chapters 1-3 Preview

Hello readers, I'm putting the final touches on my next release, Blood on the Stars book 10 Nightfall, and thought I'd share the first 3 chapters with you as a sneak peek before the book goes live in a couple days. So, without further pointless prattle, here is...

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Invasion Paperback Now Out!

Blood on the Stars 9, Invasion, is now available in paperback (audio coming soon!). War…like none that has come before. The Hegemony has launched the invasion Tyler Barron and his Confederation comrades have feared, and all the Rim is ablaze...

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Invasion (Blood on the Stars 9) Released!

Book 9 of Blood on the Stars is now out! Invasion is not only the next book in the series, it's the longest one I've ever written.  I'm already working on the next one, Nightfall, and while I don't have a release date yet, it shouldn't be too long before I can...

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