Blood on the Stars 15

Tyler Barron is about to lead his fleet into a trap. He is sure the enemy is laying in wait, but he has no choice. After four years of unexpected calm along the front line, the Senate and the Hegemonic Council are demanding action, and the Pact’s commanding admiral has no choice but to set out on a mission to liberate the enemy-held regions of the Hegemony.

While Tyler prepares for an offensive he believes can only end in disaster, Andi Lafarge is preparing to continue her quest for the mysterious weapon the doomed empire used to defeat the Highborn centuries before. That search has largely been one of combing through old data and artifacts…until now. Andi’s path leads into the region of the Hegemony now know as Occupied Space, right past the Highborn defenses, to the shadowy and mysterious coreward regions of the old and fallen empire, and the ancient imperial capital itself.

The fleet will fight, struggling for a victory that may be out of reach, but even as they risk all, a new threat is growing, one far in the rear, along the regions of Confederation space that have been stripped of their defenses to support the war effort. The danger is real, and it is deadly. Tyler Barron and his spacers could see their home space invaded and destroyed, even as they fight for to achieve victory hundreds of lightyears away.


How Stories are Born

This is a question that probably gets answered a hundred different ways, so let me start out by saying that I’m talking mostly about my own stories.  I’d wager a lot of other authors are similar, maybe most even, but I’d also bet many are different, too, and that’s...

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Have Series Taken Over Fiction?

Series to the left of me, series to the right.  Every book seems to be part of a series today.  Readers who prefer standalone novels are faced with endless series of books, from trilogies to seemingly never-ending sagas with 20, 30, or more volumes.  I’ve contributed...

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Nightfall, Chapters 1-3 Preview

Hello readers, I'm putting the final touches on my next release, Blood on the Stars book 10 Nightfall, and thought I'd share the first 3 chapters with you as a sneak peek before the book goes live in a couple days. So, without further pointless prattle, here is...

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Invasion Paperback Now Out!

Blood on the Stars 9, Invasion, is now available in paperback (audio coming soon!). https://amzn.to/3aopZKA War…like none that has come before. The Hegemony has launched the invasion Tyler Barron and his Confederation comrades have feared, and all the Rim is ablaze...

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Invasion (Blood on the Stars 9) Released!

Book 9 of Blood on the Stars is now out! Invasion is not only the next book in the series, it's the longest one I've ever written.  I'm already working on the next one, Nightfall, and while I don't have a release date yet, it shouldn't be too long before I can...

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